UI/UX Design

In this course, you’ll learn how to Design User Experience & what makes a good user experience. Different stages & component of UX Design & how to use different methodology to get the best of your product. We will teach you the professional & techniques to create great User Experience. How to create UX for different design platforms & ecosystems like IOS, Android & Web design. How to find problem with existing UX using Usability testing & analytics & how to fix them running successful design sprints. Last but not the least we will help you build strong resume & portfolio to land the desevered ¬†industry job.

What You Will Learn?

How to conduct basic user research and create user personas

Create mobile & web app designs from scratch

Create designs for different platforms like Android and IOS.

Create wireframe & mockups for any kind of digital project

Create working prototype using Sketch/Figma/XD and other tools

How to create seamless Interaction Design

How to run usability testing sessions

How to conduct successful design sprints

Creating UX/UI for other technologies like AR/VR


Basic operating knowledge of Windows &  Mac is required.

Basics of Photoshop, Illustrator & Aftereffects is required in advance of the course.

Course Detail

UI/UX, vrxacademy.com
UI/UX, Graphic Designer Course in Delhi NCR

Introduction UI & UX

User Research

Persona Design

Storyboard(User Journey)




Usability Testing

User Interface Design

Interaction Design

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What is the Minimum eligibility criteria for this course?

Since this is a advance course, you got have some education of design field and having a relative degree or diploma will help for sure.

Are UI/UX and Graphic designer same?

Yes almost, the Only defense is about the platform, if a graphic designer designed elements of interface for web, apps, games, then he is UI/UX designer.

What is the common tool for UI/Ux designer and Graphic Designers?

Adobe Tools are most common tool which artist are using for designing in UI/UX and Graphics.

Which topics this course is going to cover?

User Research, Persona Design, Storyboarding, Userflow, Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability Testing, UI Design, Interaction Design these are the some of the topics this course will cover.

What is the duration & fee for UI/UX course?

Duration is almost 24 weeks as per ideal schedules if you want to join on fast track bases you can finish is very soon, For the fee details you call & email Us. We have special schedules for Professionals on Saturday & Sunday.

What are Industry jobs i can take after this course?

After this course jobs like UX Designer, UI/UX Designer, UI Designer, User Researcher, Usability Tester would be open for you to apply.

Is App GUI's design also included in course curriculum?

Yes, UI/Ux course is speacially designed for Games & Mobile Apps UI design & integration.

Will i get placement from institute after completing of course?

Yes, we provide placement after course & assist you find job.

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