Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

In this course, you ‘ll learn basics of Electronics & basic electronic components like resistors, capacitors, diodes, Embedded C and Internal architectural of the specific microcontroller. Once you ‘ll get your basic training then we start practice training with a project on embedded module like- LED, Seven Segment, LCD, ETC. You ‘ll also learn internal modules of that specific microcontroller like internal and external interrupts, serial communication, interfacing external ADC, motors, relays etc.


Short Term Training

This course is specially designed for college students and others who want to learn basics of controllers. Students will go through the basic modules one by one. The course contains introduction to embedded systems, some basic components like registers, capacitors, transistors and other devices, internal details of microcontroller, number systems, and after that several modules- LED, seven segment display, LCD, timers, interrupts, serial communication, ADC(0809), and after that one final project will be given to you.

Certificate in Embedded

This course is designed generally for a college pass out student or embedded professionals who want to develop skills or start his career in embedded technology. We provide basic to advanced knowledge in this course. You will go through the basic modules one by one. You will learn each and everything in detail in this course. It consists of five modules and various projects.

MODULE 1: Basic ElectronicsMODULE 2: Basics of C programmingMODULE 3: 8051 micro controller and its interfacingMODULE 4: Embedded devicesMODULE 5: Embedded ProtocolsMODULE 5: AVR/PIC micro controller and its interfacing

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