Augmented Reality Application Development (ARAD)

What you will Learn in This Course:

  • What is Augmented Reality?
  • How does Augmented Reality work?
  • Types of Augmented Reality.
  • Augmented reality devices.
  • Marker based Augmented Reality
  • Non-Marker based Augmented Reality
  • Integration and programing with an external SDK in Unity.
  • Deployment of applications for mobile device.
  • Create an Interactive mobile application with augmented reality.

Why this course is important?

  • Anyone who wants to develop their own AR Applications.
  • Anyone who wants to develop their carrier in AR Development.
  • Need of the hour- Augmented Reality has become the trend of the moment, with applications in almost every sector from education, architecture, fashion, entertainment, design, and defense to many more sectors.
  • Passion- With the changing pace and vibrant nature of today’s world, the sector thrives and supplements the various sectors to keep up with the ongoing trend and maintain the level of dynamism.
  • High Demand- Because of the growing trend of AR, qualified individuals in this sector are in extremely high demand due to their dynamic nature.
  • Worthwhile Salary – AR individuals are offered handsome salaries which are expected to grow with experience. The average pay cheque of an AR individual may vary from INR 300,000- INR 1,000,000.

Course Highlight

  • A LIVE/VILT cohort-based Next-Gen Technology skills-based program delivered by Industry Expert.
  • Future Skills Prime badge that can be added to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Certificate by VRx Nextgen on course completion.
  • Live practical oriented program by industry experts
AR Technology

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